Designer Dahae Kim is a contemporary menswear designer who creates unique and complex designs for her acclaimed conceptual menswear brand, WHICHKIM.


After receiving a BFA in Menswear Fashion Design from the Academy of Art University, Kim was chosen by the CFDA to receive a portfolio scholarship, and was awarded a San Francisco Fashion Award for Best Emerging Menswear Designer of the Year in 2012. She has lead product design and development for startup fashion companies, as well as instruct and lecture in several college courses in Design, Merchandising, and Management departments - among them the Raffles International College in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Kim designs for men who are stylish, driven, and confident, no matter their age or vocation. Her inspiration is drawn from contemporary music, industrial architecture, the human pysche, along with her upbringing in a military family. Her alchemic philosophy informs her exquisitely tailored, abstract, and sculptural designs.


WHICHKIM is bold style and sharp craftmanship. The future of menswear.


"Don't try to alter a man's ego... Design for it".


"I think the most beautiful moment of life is when you breakdown mentally. That’s

when you let your guard down on yourself and feel all the emotions flowing in, and also that is when the most amount of creativity kicks in. Once you overcome those beautiful breakdown moments, there is ‘maturity’ waiting for you with another quality of creativity. I like to capture that dark but special side of life in my designs." -DK

Jessy Ortiz is WHICHKIM's Visual & Communications Director and Accessories Designer. 


Leaving everything back home, he flew to the City of Angels to follow his dreams and pursue a career in fashion. After several successful ventures as a freelance Wardrobe Stylist, Graphic Designer, Visual Merchandiser, and Editor, he established a well rounded portfolio that would take him to the growing fashion industry of California's Bay Area. 


It is here that he met Dahae Kim, the Founder and President of WHICHKIM. Sharing the same determination and passion for menswear, Jessy joined the acclaimed label.